Absorption-biochemical units (ABCU) for industrial ventilation air purification

Absorption-biochemical units (ABCU) are designed:
- for industrial air purification from organic gaseous pollution;
- for industrial air purification from dust, aerosol and resinous substances.

Today, ABCU has no match in the world market of gas purifying equipment on the aggregate index of efficiency, environmental friendliness, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

Efficiency of air purification from volatile organic is 70-96% depending from the nature and concentration of this substances.

Efficiency of air purification from dust, aerosol and resinous substances is 90-99%.

Ventilating air purification with the ABCU is based on natural processes:
- the first principle lies in the fact that the majority of harmful volatile organic compounds are soluble in service water;
- the second principle is based on the ability of specially selected and adapted microorganisms to use dissolved organic and some inorganic substances in water as replenishment source. In the process of these compounds consumption by microorganisms their complete mineralization occurs with formation of water and carbon dioxide.

Schematic diagram of an absorption-biochemical unit for purification of ventilation emissions.

Absorption and biochemical purification of the installation of ventilation air

1 - Scrubber;
2 - Pump;
3 - Bioreactor with Microorganisms;
4 - Fan;
А and В - Input and Output ventilation air;
С - water absorbent.

Harmful substances are trapped with the help of water absorbent in the scrubber with a movable ball-type packing and are neutralized in the bioreactor.
Microorganisms in the form of concentrated biomass are added into the bioreactor once before the unit operation commencement. They are derived from natural sources and as a result they are both non-toxic and non-pathogenic.
The solution circulation in a closed “scrubber–bioreactor” cycle prevents industrial drains.

Characteristics of serially produced ventilation air purification units from organic substances, dust and aerosols are given here.

9 reasons to choose ABСU:
1. High ratio of capturing a wide range of harmful substances.
2. Reliability and efficiency is proven by 26 years of experience.
3. Economic factors.
4. Absence of chemical reagents, acids or alkalis.
5. Requires minimal maintenance.
6. Absence of wearing or replaceable parts.
7. ABСU service life is at least 15 years.
8. Maintenance and monitoring
9. Support and technical consultations through the whole life cycle.

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