Advantages of ABСU

1. Efficiency

ABСU is able to capture a wide range of harmful substances with 70% to 96% efficiency depending on the input concentration and the physical-chemical properties of the substances.

2. Ability to purify ventilating air containing resinous and suspended substances

Presence of solid impurities in the gas flow does not affect ABCUs functional characteristics. Meanwhile other «dry» air purifying methods such as the use ion exchange filters, units with gas-discharge cells, coal or zeolites is inefficient as the resinous and suspended substances stick to the working surface.

3. Economic factors

Low operating costs due to minimal use of consumables (between 0.1 to 1.0 m3/day of water, 30-60 kg/year of biogenic additives, and 30-40 m3/h of compressed air).

4. Environmental friendliness

ABCUs are environmentally friendly, since they do not create any secondary contaminants. For example, thermal and catalyst-assisted combustion release NOx, CO and other partial oxidation by-products. Coal-based methods create contaminated condesate after superheated steam regeneration. Ozonation creates exces ozone, and chemisorption creates a saline solution on top of releasing drops of chemical regents into the atmosphere.

5. Safety

The units are both explosion proof and flameproof. No chemical reagents, acids or alkali are used.

6. Health

ABCU operation can significantly reduce the risk of occupational diseases for employees involved in hazardous production.

7. Training

The units are easy to operate and do not require a permanent operator. Our specialist will provide all the necessary information and instructions during ABCU installation process.

8. Maintenance and monitoring

ABCU maintenance is minimal and is limited to easy to do pump repairs. Monitoring of the ventilating emission purification efficiency is carried out periodically, by visually observing the state of irrigation and «boiling» of the nozzle. The absorption solution is analyzed for chemical oxygen consumption once a month. If the absorbent regeneration efficiency needs to be improved, available agricultural fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus are added to the solution.

9. Practical use

More than 130 ABUs are operated by 59 companies across various industries in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan with a lifetime of up to 25 years.

10. Quality and reliability

Our system does not have any moving or wearing parts except for a conventional water pump. Unit service life is at least 15 years.



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