Foundries. Areas of pouring, cooling and knocking out stack molds

An effective solution for the purification of heated ventilation air with multicomponent gas composition, containing suspended and condensation substances, is the water absorption of harmful substances with subsequent biochemical regeneration of the absorbent - absorption-biochemical purification.

The set of ABCU for purification of 120 thousand m3/h of ventilation air from the areas of pouring, cooling and knocking out stack molds has been operated at Lebedyanskiy Machine-Building Plant LLC since 2003. Due to the shortage of workshop space, the component parts of one of the ABCU were installed in different places: the scrubber is outside the workshop, the bioreactor is in the basement. After the set of ABCU was put into operation, the sanitary and hygienic indicators were achieved in the air environment of the adjacent residential area.

A part of the ABCU system - a scrubber - is operated at LeMaZ LLC

A number of projects have been completed by us in cooperation with the Laempe company, which supplies modern equipment for producing high-quality castings. One example is the newly built in 2018 foundry in the FEZ of Lipetsk for the production of oil equipment, which is equipped with the set of seven ABCUs. It allows to purify 170 thousand m3 of ventilation air per hour.

Set of 7 ABCUs is operated at a foundry in Lipetsk

At JSC “Gidroprivod” (Yelets, Russia) and “Soyuz Metall” LLC (Nizhny Tagil, Russia) ABCUs are operated to purify the ventilation air removed from the area of pouring and cooling of molds produced by the alpha-set process.
Technical solutions provide the purification of ventilation air from phenol and formaldehyde:
- not less than 95% at input concentration> 20 mg / m3;
- not less than 85% at an input concentration of 10-20 mg / m3;
- not less than 80% at an input concentration of 6-10 mg / m3;
- not less than 70% at an input concentration of 4-6 mg / m3.

ABHU at Soyuz Metal LLC has been in operation since 2019.

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Enterprises where ABCU are installed on areas of pouring, cooling and knocking out stack molds:

Lebedyanskiy Machine-Building Plant LLC, Lebedyan, Russia

JSC "Gidroprivod", Yelets, Russia

Soyuz Metal LLC, Nizhny Tagil, Russia

CJSC "Thermotron-zavod", Bryansk, Russia

JSC "CTK" Casting", Panino, Voronezh region, Russia

LLC "Oskolneftemash", Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, Russia

JSC "Metallist", Kachkanar, Sverdlovsk region, Russia

PJSC "Borislav plant" REMA ", Borislav, Ukraine

LLC "Voronezh Machine-Building Casting Plant", Voronezh, Russia

LLC "Steel company" Pamir ", Ulyanovsk, Russia

JSC "Metallurgical Plant "Elektrostal", Elektrostal, Russia



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