Mineral wool production

Forming chambers are the main source of phenol and formaldehyde gas emissions into the atmosphere during the production of heat-insulating boards from basalt. Four ACBUs are in operation at OOO Euroizol-Thermo (Ulyanovsk, Russia). This allows to purify from VOCs 100,000 m3 / h of ventilation air removed from the fiber deposition chamber. During operation, solid deposits of resinous substances with a thickness of 3-5 mm were found on the walls of the inlet air ducts in the ABCU. At the same time, the ABCU elements, thanks to a movable ball nozzle and a water absorbent, remain clean.

ABCU have been operated at Euroizol-Thermo LLC since 2016, which guarantees the functionality of the air purufucation process.

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