Scope of application

Most foundries in engineering plants use the Cold-box-amin process for core making. It’s imperative to use a gas purification equipment (for example, ABCU) during the operation of core shooters for neutralizing amines.
Sources of gas emissions "provide" an unpleasant odor in the area where foundries are located. In addition to phenol, formaldehyde, benzene, cyanides, polyisocyanate, amines, xylene, toluene, ammonia, methanol and other hydrocarbons resinous and suspended substances are present in the ventilation air at areas of pouring, cooling and knocking out stack molds. These substances condense on mold suspensions, cooling tunnel walls, air ducts, what excludes the use of "dry" filters for toxic gases neutralization. Long-term operation of the ABCU has confirmed that resinous and suspended substances do not affect the functionality of the ABCU.
Purification the ventilation air, removed from the furnaces for smelting secondary aluminum raw materials, from soot.
Forming chambers are the main source of phenol and formaldehyde gas emissions into the atmosphere during the production of heat-insulating boards from basalt.
The ABCU units can be equipped with the following technological equipment:
- presses for the manufacture of particleboard, MDF panels and plywood;
- tar kettles and cyclones for drying wood chips.
During the manufacture of cord fabric, the polyester or polyamide textile base is impregnated with a special composition containing harmful substances - phenol and formaldehyde.


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